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Jesus Is Giving Away Free Games

As it should be in the shops.

Would you like a Christian game for free?! No, based on all that have existed so far, me neither. And I’m one of the God-botherers. But that’s the deal being offered by Left Behind Games – the gaming wing of the giant media empire born of the books based on what would appear to be a woeful misinterpretation of Matthew’s Gospel, ignorance of the events of AD 70, and a complete lack of awareness of the fall of Babylon. But we’re not here to argue eschatology – we’re here to further evidence the claims by the Left Behind people that there’s a secular media conspiracy to denounce them despite the brilliance of their games. A brilliance you can discover for yourself if you’ll only “like” them on Facebook. Because, as they explain in the trailer below, these games are THE MOST IMPORTANT games ever produced.

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