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Have You Played… Helldivers?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

Helldivers [official site] is probably my favourite cooperative game after Left4Dead. A playable pastiche of Starship Troopers from the developers of Magicka, its procedurally generated missions provide great flexibility for of arranging quick or longer games with friends, while its relentless alien enemies and ridiculous weaponry make for breathless and often hilarious bouts of cooperative shooting. Read the rest of this entry »

EA Studio Showcase Audiostreams

VG247 has a bunch of audio recordings of the presentations from EA’s London studio showcase earlier today. The sound quality is a bit iffy, but the info is good. There’s also a bunch of new screens. Mm, rich, tasty info.

The lovely Ben Cousins on Battlefield Heroes. Both interview and presentation.

The alien sex-fancier Ray “Bioware” Muzyka on Mass Effect PC. Hot.

Talkomatic Paul Barnett on Warhammer Online.

Valve’s Mr Lombardi on Left4Dead. (Prefaced by plenty of presentation blather.)

Phew. Anyone for a beer?

Valve Buys Pet Turtle

YOU find a screenshot.

Why, it was only the other day that us RPS types were discussing over pie and RPS-branded debit cards whether Left4Dead should be considered “a Valve game”. Any doubt is now removed. L4D developers, Turtle Rock Studios, have now been om-nom-nommed into the Valve belly. If it were any other… publisher? we’d be concerned. So let’s get cross about Valve buying Turtle Rock. Ready?

Oh my goodness! It’s the homogenisation of the gaming industry! Soon they’ll all be one company only making Sims games! I imagine the end of the world is about to occur! It doesn’t work, does it? But what’s important is that we tried. Valve’s press release on the matter rather sweetly describes it as the “merger of the two companies,” which is a bit like suggesting I’m merging with a sandwich when I buy it from Sainsbury’s. So Valve now have a California office, just in case any of the Seattle crew wants to find out what this “Sun” looks like. And Left4Dead is definitely “a Valve game.” Glad we’ve got that settled. Press release under the boink.

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