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In The Works For Two Decades, Legend Of Iya Is Gorgeous

I don’t normally squawk and squeal over pixel art, but well, my throat currently sounds like a jungle of parrots and horrifying red foxes. Legend of Iya is an absolute sight to be behold, with intricate art singing life into its boulder-strewn hills. And also castles, forests, giant rock monsters, and T-Rex robots. Pixel art maestro Andrew “darkfalzx” Bado has been developing the Metroidvania on-and-off for nearly two decades, but always in the background of other professional projects for companies like WayForward and Majesco. Legend of Iya’s undergone countless transitions and transformations, but now Bado’s finally ready to finish it. He just needs one thing. Or rather, 75,000 one things. Yeah, you probably know where this is going.

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