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In Your End Oh: New Leisure Suit Larry Trailers

Please, don't hurt the children.

There’s a technique used in everything from reality TV shows about stranding fourteen strangers in a submarine on the moon, to Why I Love The Last Episode Of Why I Love, where the interviewee is asked to include the question in their response. Watch any of these programmes and you can hear the awkwardness as contestants and Stuart Maconie try to crowbar it in as they stare blankly beyond the camera. “I think I deserved to win the insides of a cat because the other contestants couldn’t sing the Ladder Song as loudly as me.” “My first memory of this episode of The Best Episode Of This Show Ever was being asked about my first memory of…” Never has there been a more spectacular example of this art form than Carmen Electra’s, in the new preview videos for the forthcoming Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.

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