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Lethis – Daring Discoverers explores alien worlds in May

The follow-up to charming and decent-enough city-builder Lethis – Path of Progress is not another build ’em up, but rather an interplanetary exploration game. Triskell Interactive this week announced Lethis – Daring Discoverers [official site], which will blast some odd folks from the steampunk world up to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gungan has gone before. Have a look at the announcement trailer: Read the rest of this entry »

Wot I Think – Lethis: Path Of Progress

As the doors of game development open up to more and more souls, an added benefit is that it’s ever-more plausible to make some great art then slap it into your engine, elevating the functional into the beautiful. Caesar/Zeus/Pharaoh-inspired, combat-free Gallic citybuilder Lethis: Path Of Progress doesn’t do especially remarkable things in terms of town management, but with an animation-inspired, gently Steampunk art style which falls somewhere in between bande dessinee and Studio Ghibli, it’s too gorgeous to put down even when it’s on the verge of tedium.
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Steampunk City-Builder Lethis – Path of Progress Released

We live in happier times for building cities for imaginary people, after several dark but mostly tedious years. Cities: Skylines has done a fine job picking up where Sim City-ish left off before it stumbled, tumbled, broke its legs, and was shot on the track by a licensed sim doctor. If you prefer your city-building more in the style of Caesar and Pharaoh, hey, here’s a game inspired by them.

Lethis – Path of Progress [official site] launched yesterday, a steampunk take on that old Impressions Games style.

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Caesar With Cogs – Lethis: Path of Progress Trailer

Cit me up.

The vintage build ’em ups of Impressions Games (them lot behind Caesar and Pharaoh) were cited as influences in the announcement of steampunk city-builder Lethis: Path of Progress [official said] last month, but oh me oh my I hadn’t realised it’d be quite so much like them. A new six-minute gameplay trailer shows the early stages of establishing a city, starting from tents, caravans, and a whole lot of mud, and yep, this sure is Impressions-y. If you dug those, you’ll likely dig this.

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Steampunk City Builder Lethis Announced

Steampunk style might never again look as cool as it did in (and on) the hands of Justin Bieber, but we shouldn’t give up on steampunk simply because it’s peaked. It’s looking good in Lethis: Path of Progress, a newly-announced city-building sim set in a world kicking off a steam-powered industrial revolution. That’s perhaps an interesting setting for a city-builder because the disparity between rich and poor, those who run the city and those who keep it running, is so marked in industrial eras. Lethis is pretty, at the very least. Come watch the announcement trailer.

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