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Trawling The Money Sea: Net Gain’s Final Hours

It's odd how much I want to indulge in futuristic corporate espionage and to be a bionic business-bastard. If you gave me a game about being the sort of violent attack stooge that A Popular Generic SmartFruit company undoubtedly hires to burn down Samuel Sung's Telephonic Emporiums, I'd go 'tsk' and return to the important task of playing Super House of Dead Ninjas (splendid; words…

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Strategic Syndicates: Net Gain

Cyberpunk is back, folks, even though I'm not entirely sure it ever went away. I'm not talking about Google attaching spectacles to your neural cortex and uploading your dreams to Youtube, I'm talking about the return of Shadowrun, Deus Ex and, of course, Cyberpunk 2077. Like an Englishman who is too lazy to make a proper meal on a Sunday afternoon, games have got chips…

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