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Midweek Indie Games Purchasitudeosity

I keep on meaning to go back to Gridrunner Revolution. It's a really odd take on the shooter, and pure Minter. Er... that was a serious caption. I'll make a joke about having sex with John's mum, except it's not a joke. It's a tortured tale of human woe.

The reverend of reductions, the bishop of budget, the primarch of (er) primark-esque prices, LewieP notes that Steam are doing another Indie Midweek thing which will be gone by the Bargain bucket at the weekend. Altitude, Bob Came in Pieces, Bullet Candy, Galcon Fusion, Gridrunner Revolution, Space Giraffe and Super Laser Racer are available for two quid a pop. You can buy all seven for a tenner, saving four quid. John loved Bob. I dig the hell out of Galcon Fusion, Gridrunner Revolution, Space Giraffe and Super Laser Racer. A tenner for those five alone is frankly ridiculous value. The other two could be great too – I just haven’t played ’em. Go buy, before they realise they’re being mental.

Gaming Made Me: The Return Of The Panel

It’s been emotional. Now, over a week of frenzied nostalgia later, Gaming Made Me draws to a close with a final round-up of Developers and Journalists. From the former, Ed Stern, Brian Mitsoda, Annie Carlson, Dan Marshall and Simon Parkin. From the latter, LewieP and Simon Parkin. Oh no! Simon’s dual-classed, the powergaming twink. Recollections… go!

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