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Dote Night: LoL Tourney Abandons Awful LGBT Rules

Hello! This edition of Dote Night is about a controversy which erupted yesterday in regards to the rules for a women-only League of Legends tournament run by the Garena organisation. The specifics are obviously about League of Legends and about this particular tournament, but the reason the rules are problematic is because they tap into stereotypes and assumptions which permeate across the pro scene and…

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EA Responds To Hate Campaign From Homophobes

In response to a vile show of hatred, EA - the Worst Company In America - has made clear they are taking no notice of their recently being inundated with complaints about the portrayal of gay and bisexual characters in their games. reports that the publisher has confirmed they've been on the receiving end of "several thousand" emails and letters protesting the inclusion of…

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BlizzCon’s Peculiar Homophobic Moment

It's an uphill struggle to convince those outside the games industry that it is, in some ways, a mature medium for mature, thoughtful people. Clearly the most difficult element of that hill is the incredible immaturity and thoughtless nature of so much of the games industry. You need not look far in any direction to see examples of sexism (the PC has yet to be…

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Same Sex Relations in SW:TOR Post-Release

Last month, John wrote about same sex relationships in Skyrim and SW:TOR. Specifically the fact that the Elder Scrolls will allow them while Star Wars will not. Now, in what I’m going to refer to as an extraordinary volte-face, BioWare have confirmed that “same gender romances with companion characters” will be in the game. As a “post-launch feature”. The full official quote, which I extracted…

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Old Republic & Skyrim On Same Sex Couples

You'd imagine gaming would lead the way on more liberal values, but it's surprising still how rare LGBT characters are in games. The compromise tends to be Sims-like universal polysexuality, almost no characters deliberately written as anything other than straight, with rare exceptions. One such company that tends to recognise a same-sex relationship is BioWare, which makes the news that The Old Republic won't be…

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