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The Complete Rebel Without A Pause Key

Rebel Without A Pause Key was a short diary series I wrote in the early days of RPS. It was mentioned in the RPS chat yesterday leading to this “The Complete…” post because we were incy back then, and most of you won’t have read it. It’s based around Bay 12 Games’ pre-Dwarf Fortress game Liberal Crime Squad. It’s a somewhat satirical game about left-leaning terrorists. As you can imagine, strong language and posturing in front of Che Guevara posters follows…

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Rebel Without a Pause Key (Part 4: No Way!co)

There’s a panic inside the Homeless Shelter headquarters of that international terrorist cell, The Liberal Crime Squad. The forces of oppression are at the gates; Blue-clad fascists ready to stomp down on our freedom to watch Comedy Central, deal soft drugs and kidnap, beat up and occasionally kill mostly innocent people. The spirit of the Paris Commune is in the air. Our hour of destiny is at hand. We have no idea what happens now. Sure, some instructions spit pop up on the screen, but we’re hardly going to read them.

This is the final Rebel without a Pause Key. And this is the Liberal Crime Squad.


And we’re going to off the pigs. Or run away. Or both.
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Rebel Without a Pause Key (Part 3: Beatings)

We left the people’s revolution in somewhat dire straits last time. Alec Furious, heroic leader, ended up in hospital. His second, Alecina Furious, gets talked into being a housewise or something by a phallocratic oppressor or something. We’re left with a bunch of hippies and teenagers Alec managed to recruit to before being beaten up by the lackeys of the state who turned counter-revolutionary due to being shot at. That said, it’s not all bad. When browsing opinion polls, the following nugget brings us hope.


Some know our names. And some of them even like us. In fact (hits calculator) that means there’s a 4.5 million (COUNT ‘EM!) people who approve of our activities in America. This is enough to show that Alec and Alecina’s sacrifices weren’t in vain. The revolution cannot be contained!

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Rebel Without a Pause Key (Part 2: Free Love)

Last time we left our revolutionary, Alec Furious, alone in his homeless shelter, making plans and hanging up his neat Che Guevara poster. Let’s have a look at our wide-eyed Trotskyite.


That noise you hear? It’s Capitalism’s knees quaking, for it has seen its nemesis’ face. He’s got a level 1 assault rifle skill, and he’s not afraid to use it.
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Rebel Without A Pause Key (Part 1)

News reaches me that Ultro-ASCII game Dwarf Fortress is having its latest release tonight, so while we wait for that, I thought I’d try something else. One of Bay 12’s older games. Namely, this:

Fight the Powers That Be!

Watch out forces of conservative oppression: I’m all hopped up on Lentils, I’ve been listening to Rage Against The Machine for the last four hours and I haven’t tidied my bedroom.

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