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Free Loaders: This Library Is Fully Booked

You love my wordplay.

You turn on the tap in your kitchen only to see a rusty spray of water splutter out. That’s odd. You just had the plumbing fixed last week. You twiddle with the faucet, hoping to do some good when you hear a low moan coming from the plughole. You freeze. You lean in to listen carefully. The gurgling is coming closer… closer… A FREE GAME splurts out of the plughole! It wraps its flagella around your neck, its bioluminescence flickering rapidly, its mandibles undulating wildly by your eyes, oh god, now there are more, coming out of the faucet, out of the dishwasher, out of the fridge. Free games! Free games everywhere! Who keeps doing this to you!?

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Library Of Blabber: Procedural Books, Infinite Library

I like visiting libraries and bookshops in countries where I don’t speak the language, as a kind of tourism of stories I will never read, experiences I will never have, knowledge I will never accrue. That’s what Library of Blabber [Itch page] feels like. It’s a procedural library full of procedural books you can pick up, flip through the pages of, but never read.

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