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How Deep Rock Galactic mines fun from absolute darkness


This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they underwent to make the best bits of their games. This time, Deep Rock Galactic [official site].

The moment Deep Rock Galactic took my imagination was when I saw its dwarf miners throwing flares into the inky blackness of a cave in its E3 trailer. Few games do darkness, and here was a game trading in it. As the flares fell they lit up the faceted low-poly walls of the cavern, revealing what lay ahead: ore to mine, pitfalls to fall into, twisting passageways to get lost in, and swarms of alien enemies. It got right to the core of exploration, capturing the mystery and adventure of blundering into spaces where no one has been before. In short, darkness leans right into everyone’s favourite fantasy of being a dwarven miner in space. Read the rest of this entry »

Top-Down Tracy: Third Eye Crime

I’ve been playing Light, the top-down cyber-stealth game published by Team 17, and the art style has set me to thinking about the visuals of stealth. Light has a clean design, like a sedated and sanitised Monaco, which lends itself well to sneaky route-planning. I’ll most likely write more about that game when I’ve completed it, but I mention it here because of its similarities to the just-released Third Eye Crime. Both have the player avoiding guards’ cones of sight while infiltrating buildings but the aesthetic design is worlds apart. Light’s style and substance are in colour-coded harmony, while Third Eye Crime offers a new perspective on noirish comic books.

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Out Of The Dark: Light Released

Light was one of those immediately interesting games where I glanced at a screenshot and said “yep, need it.” It’s a top-down 2D stealth-em-up with an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic. Waking up with short-term memory loss, the goal is to discover what has happened to you and who you are, while dodging guards in some sort of facility. Stealth games have always appealed, but doing it in first and third person 3D is always far more frustrating than it should be. Presenting line of sight and positioning information more clearly will be a real boon. You can grab it on Steam now and there’s a trailer if you can sneak past me t- hey, where’d you go? Hello?

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Does It Shine? The Light Kickstarter

A few developer chums on Twitter have been tweeting about Light’s Kickstarter, decrying its surprising lack of success with the crowd’s funds. It’s a game that takes aspects of Hitman, Payday, Monaco, and Subversion, so I was agog it hadn’t crossed my path (maybe it’s just too stealthy?). I discovered a tough little game of sneaking and hacking, wrapped up in a minimalist pants with excellent sound design. But most important of all, I discovered a Kickstarter pitch with a cat.
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