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Did you know…

Four days away from the internet means I miss two of the biggest PC announcements of the year. Bah. So, have this token morsel of factoid uselessness while I try and think of something cleverer to say.

Urban pop songstress Lily Allen, she of Smille, LDN and clearly not actually being a Cockernee commoner fame, played ‘Townspeople #1’ in Thief: Deadly Shadows before she shot to MySpace-assisted chart-straddling.

Presumably this involved lots of “What was that?”, “Must have been rats” and “Ooh, he’s got me purse” soundbytes – possibly a death scream if we’re really lucky. I’ll check later, maybe.

She also spoke slowly and clearly into the mic for both Freedom Force games (prior, lesser efforts from Bioshock devs Irrational. Which means I’m now oddly picturing Keith Allen inside a Big Daddy suit. Makes a lot of sense, really).

All this does, of course, mean her recent re-recording of Smile in Sims-talk was in fact a canny reference to the great debt her current success owes to formerly scraping a living from videogame voicework. And not just a stupid EA marketing stunt.