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Promised Land: Lionheart Gets A Demo

Reasonably entertaining, that was Lionheart. That's what Quinns inscribed unto the chronicles of PC gaming, at least. But there's no need simply to nod along to the worldly wisdom of Smith, because you can verify at least some small portion of his judgments with a splendid demo. You can expect to receive this pious sample of strategy game in return for 1.2gb of your bandwidth,…

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Lionheart Kings’ Crusade review

This time last year Neocore were just about to release King Arthur, a fantastical Arthurian spin on the Total War framework that Jim ended up rather liking. Displaying a remarkably quick turnaround time, this month Paradox released Neocore's Lionheart: Kings' Crusade, a similar strategy jaunt which sits you in the role of either a crusading Richard the Lionheart, or the Muslim-uniting Saladin. Poor Saladin, he…

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Lionheart: King’s Crusade Gamescom Trailer

We've had a lot of videos of the next game from King Arthur developers neocore which feature - like above - large groups of men getting handy with one another. What we haven't had as much of is a look at menus. Because that's what strategy games are about. Menus. That's where the strategy happens. Yes, there's some panoramas of the battles too, but rest…

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Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade Features Metal

You might recall that last year we enjoyed the impressive but imperfect strategy title King Arthur, with its mixture of turn-based and real-time elements, and its use of epic magic. This year Neocore have returned to their Crusades theme, with Lionheart: Kings' Crusade. Also: an epic metal theme-tune. Stirring stuff. But we've also pinched GT's walkthrough from the floor at E3, in which Neocore's producer…

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Paradox CEO Rocks: Lionheart Soundtrack

As you may know, Paradox are publishing the new game by King Arthur developers Neocore. This is a normal event in games development. However Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester has put his musical skills into play by co-producing a series of femme-vocal pop-metal metal for the soundtrack. This is less normal. We had to talk to him and reveal the tracks, all of which will be…

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Too Many Kings: Lionheart

In September, Neocore Games released Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come. This week, they released King Arthur (as recently opinionified by our Jim here). Next year, they'll release Lionheart: Kings' Crusade. Got that? Goodness, these people really do like their crusading kings. Or perhaps it's an insidious attempt to hypnotise PC gamers via repeated code words crusade. Unfortunate naming policy aside, what manner of beast is Lionheart…

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