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Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

I LOVE Deadliest Catch. And it seems I’ve made this reasonably public, as so far this morning three colleagues have linked me to stories about the ludicrous news that they’re going to make a game based on the show.

40 miles out of Dutch Harbour, the crew of John Walker are bracing themselves against the freezing Bering Sea.

In case you’re unitiated, Deadliest Catch is a phenomenal Discovery Channel documentary, where we follow the lives of six crews on six boats who take part in Alaskan king crab fishing. Indeed, it doesn’t sound so enticing, does it? Until you realise that this is the deadliest job in the world, where there’s a realistic chance that those who head out for the haul will not be coming home. 20ft seas when the conditions are calm, 40ft waves crashing over the deck, sweeping any who don’t hold onto something either into the barriers, or worse, into the deadly, freezing Bering Sea. It’s intense. (See at the bottom of the post for a clip of the show).

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