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Growbot gets a new trailer, looks as charming as ever

Growbot banner

2D point-and-click puzzler Growbot [official site] caught Pip’s eye last year with a trailer showing a¬†wonderful hand-drawn art style. However, it didn’t give too much away about what you’d actually be doing in the game, and mainly showed characters standing in one spot. Enter a new video, released last week, that sheds a bit more light on the mysterious world.

It gives me real Machinarium vibes: the puzzles all look relatively straightforward but mechanically satisfying. Clearly, a lot of care has been poured into each interaction. You’ll be turning levers, matching shapes, arranging flowers and exploring a space ship that has been overrun by quickly growing crystals and dense greenery.

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Growbot’s Artwork Is Utterly Charming

Oh my! Yesterday Twitter brought Growbot [official site] to my attention and it is SO PRETTY! It’s a 2D point and click adventure but the art is that strange, beautiful children’s book illustration style which I guess you might call whimsical (although that word feels like it often undermines the work involved in creating it so I’m reluctant to just bandy it about).

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