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RPS At Valve – LIVE!

We'll try and convince them to dump this logo while we're here. No, really, I will! (or maybe I won't)

And we’re done. Thanks for tuning in to RPS’ first ever live blogging. There’s a LOT of information below, and it’s worth going through. The headlines are in the post above. Valve care about PC gaming. Of course this is because it’s how they make their money. But when they state that they want to see other platforms doing the same, it really seems like they mean it.

Today happened because Valve were pissed off with the declarations that the PC is dying or dead. It’s not, and they wanted to make sure everyone knows.

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RPS “Live Blogging” At Valve

steamy windows

Hello the internet. This is an early warning that at approximately 10.15pm UK time (2.15pm Pacific) we’ll be performing some abortive version of live blogging from within the golden walls of Valve HQ. What’s it about? Steamworks of course. But for more exciting details you’ll have to tune in.

And by “tune in” we of course mean, “refresh the site to see if changed every minute or so because we’re about as technically competent as fingerless cavemen.” You know, that’s unless we can’t get online at the last minute, or if Gabe Newell confiscates my Eee. It should at least be an entertaining mess.