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Train Station Renovation is freshly renovated and out now

If fancy somewhere new and exciting to clean after six months tidying your flat day after day after day, Train Station Renovation might do it for you. It's a game about fixing stations up to be all shiny and new, clearing away rubbish, filth, satanic shrines, and graffiti, fixing machinery, replacing furniture and fittings, and redecorating. It's more like the canned cleanup of House Flipper…

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Feature: Train in vain

Train Station Renovation early access review

Videogames. Wow, what a concept. Crackling portals to distant lands. Doorways inviting us to impossible places and barbarous shores. Psychedelic imaginationariums fuelled by the limitless potential of raw human creativity. Time machines folding history in on itself, over and over, until the beginning cannot be told apart from the end, like the infinite buttery layers of a viennoiserie pastry formed of unleavened millennia and, christ,…

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Feature: The little station that could

Train Station Renovation has both powerful graffiti and powerful weirdness

Train Station Renovation is coming out on Steam Early Access later this week. If it sounds like the sort of game published by PlayWay, you are correct, because it is. I was initially intrigued by it because train simulation games and renovation simulation games are both quietly but enduringly popular. The idea of a crossover between the two felt both odd and necessary at the…

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