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GDC 14: Experimental Gameplay Workshop Liveblog

It’s that one time a year when we let the awful word “gameplay” onto our website. It’s that time when a bunch of developers show off their strangest, most interesting, most novel ideas. Ideas that may become games, may already be games, or may collapse into their own weirdness. I shall do my best to chronicle what’s happening, while pointing you toward appropriate websites. It’s all happening below.

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The Duke Nukem As-I-Play LiveBlog

Update: that’s it for now, folks. I’ll try to do some more over the weekend. I must be honest and admit I don’t want to though. So far it’s a bizarre, often witless mess of scatty, wasted ideas, clunky writing and surprisingly little action. Here’s hoping it improves now I’m out of the backtrack-heavy casino bit, though.

Eventually, via dark magicks, I have made Duke Nuke Forever on Steam work. I’ll be playing it on and off during the day, and sharing my thoughts in the below liveblog. No need to refresh the page – just watch and let it happen. And, hopefully, laugh and think about how clever I am. Or how witless and inaccurate I am. That can happen too.
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E3 2011: EA Conference Liveblog

Look, I did it on my netbook, okay.
UPDATE: Finished! Ubisoft stuff at around 11:30UK time tonight, but I don’t think we’ll be liveblogging that bit. Tired now.

Right, so it looks like we have some sort of live blogging success. If you’d like to follow the events taking place at the EA conference – or at least the things I’m being distracted by – click below. If the page doesn’t load first time, hit refresh. That tends to get it working. And if you’re running Ad Block, turn it off you bastard.

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Liveblog – StarCraft 2: The Startenising

I should be at the StarCraft II launch party in that London right now, but poorly-timed trains have done for me, so we’ve sent Quinns instead. Which does at least leave me free to install and play the copy of the game I picked up earlier today. Once the activation servers turn on, anyway. OH THEY’VE TURNED ON OH GOD WOO GO.

Here’s a blow-by-blow account of my exciting Installing And Then Playing A Videogame adventure.

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