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Order From Chaos: Loop Released

Have you heard the theory of the Möbius? I'll tell you later.

Loop is, from what I’ve played, a fine and calming little puzzler. Rain hisses quietly and we add plips, splashes, pangs, and chimes as we swap tiles around to untangle jumbles and complete coloured loops. It is gentle. Then we find ourself on a puzzle with a rotating tile which clicks and creaks like a horrible handbrake. But please, don’t mind that noise too much. Perhaps it provides balance to the calm, reminds us not to get lost in this world of rope and rain. Do download the demo and give it a go, now that the game’s released.

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Spend A Quiet Few Minutes With Loop

Not quiiiite right

I have learned one very important thing from Loop: all games should have an ambient rain slider in their sound options. I’ll be contacting our John to get it on his next list. It is that most tranquil, serene of things and matches this simple puzzle game marvellously. You move hexagonal pieces around until lines of colour match up, flowing together in the titular loop. Developer John Cullen has deliberately included no elements that lead to a fail state or frustration, so you can go forever until you work each puzzle out. It’s not finished yet but you can play a demo of the first six levels.

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