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Lose/Lose Indie Game Declared A Trojan

IndieGames have a really interesting story about Symantec's response to Zach Gage's indie game, Lose/Lose, that Kieron wrote about here. The impish game's a shmup that deletes files from your computer every time you shoot an enemy ship. Which is something anti-virus computer-protecting Symantec have now identified as a threat, and labelled it a trojan.

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The Winner Takes Your Files: Lose/Lose

I've been thinking about this game for the last couple of days. Which is, I suppose, the point. Lose/Lose is a basic shooting game... but: "Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the…

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