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Swim Out is a gorgeous, stylish pool puzzler

Swim Out

As autumn chill sets in I’m really enjoying the sun-bleached holiday pool theme of movement puzzler, Swim Out [official site]! It’s absolutely delightful and puts me in mind of the 1920s, all stylish swim caps and geometry and a south-of-France holiday vibe. I dived in to see if the puzzling side held up and so far so good!

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Swim Out brings grid-based puzzling to the pool

I adore the scenarios games create to justify themselves. In action games, it’s absurd provocations that warrant all-out megamurder. For a certain breed of puzzle game, it’s reasons why you really need to move objects on a grid. Perhaps you need to build a snowman or cook some sausages, both fantastic tasks to have. In upcoming puzzler Swim Out [official site], your challenge is to leave a swimming pool, river, or sea. That’s the most ludicrous scenario of all: who ever wants to leave the water? But if you can suspend your disbelief, you might fancy trying the demo that’s already out. Read the rest of this entry »