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Dream A Little Dream: Lucid – The Awakening

I wrote about first-person frightener Lucid: The Awakening last week, right before the game’s Kickstarter began. With only a fortnight-long funding period, the project has just over a week left to raise half of its required funding. That may sound difficult but the overall goal was only $2,000, which would apparently be enough to pay the core team a wage, allowing them to work full-time creating a beta version by mid-October. Whether they’d need more money to continue working on the rest of the game full-time after that isn’t clear, but the stretch goals suggest that is the case. Given the close proximity of the beta, it’d be encouraging to see a fully in-game video rather than the same trailer released before the campaign began. Here it is, in case you missed it.

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Nightmares In Slumberland: Lucid – The Awakening

I’ve received a smattering of emails about horror games today. A smattering is more than the usual single dollop of horror that waits for me, lurking with intent and denigrating the size of my various parts. Lucid: The Awakening caught my eye because, despite the very real possibility of fictional dreams being no more than an excuse for the worst kind of bewildering nonsense, as a close acquaintance of Mr Sleep Paralysis, I find dysfunctional sleep processes fascinating and terrifying. Here’s how this particular Little Nemo’s quandary begins.

At The Cortex, patients are uploaded to different Nightmares to test the concept of Lucid dreaming…while in each nightmare, a corresponding villain will be within, trying to stop you from completing the objective. Once all objectives are completed, the player enters an elevator to proceed to the next level or nightmare.

Villains! You can catch a glimpse of one of them in the concept trailer below.

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