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The Romantics Sue Activision… For Being Too Good

Litigous people can be weird.

Guitar Hero, now officially a PC game and so allowed to be discussed in these here walls, might be in a spot of bother after rock band The Romantics filed a lawsuit, attempting to get the game removed from the shelves.

Poor widdle band

The song, What I Like About You, appears in the series’ blip, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the ’80s, but peculiarly, this isn’t a case of Activision pinching the song without permission. Obviously they’d not be so daft.

No, instead the Romantics’ attorneys told the Detroit Free Press that it’s because the game contains a cover of the song that sounds too much like the original. “It’s a very good imitation, and that’s our objection. Even the guys in the band said, ‘Wow, that’s not us, but it sure sounds like us.'” Wha?

According to USA Today, Activision sought all the rights they needed to cover the song in the game. But the band are claiming that, “by creating an imitation so much like the Romantics’ original the company has infringed the group’s right to its own image and likeness..” Double wha?

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