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Stylish time-bending Metroidvania platformer Timespinner is out now

Good things take time, and the lush sprite art in Lunar Ray's just-released Metroidvania Timespinner clearly took a while to make. Even when it was Kickstarted four years ago, Timespinner looked striking, and the extra time in development has only done it good. Looking a lot like genre grandpappy Castlevania: Symphony of The Night (just check those powerful walk animations), it tells the story of…

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Timespinner looks deliciously Symphony Of The Night-ish and launches this month

Good things come to those who wait, though I'd imagine that's easier if you can control time itself. Kickstarted in June 2014, Timespinner might have missed its November 2015 release date, but that beautifully detailed PSX-era sprite art hasn't aged a day. Developed by Lunar Ray Games, it's a Metroidvania¬†with a time-bending twist and a high fantasy setting that looks closer to Symphony Of The…

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Behold The Clockface: Timespinner

Timespinner's graphics, time-hopping storyline and general ambience remind me of Chrono Trigger, which is one of the few JRPGs I've ever found the patience to complete. Lunar Ray Games' project is no JRPG though. Currently on Kickstarter (I have a macro for that phrase), it's a "2D Metroidvania Platformer for PC, Mac OS X, and Linux", which provides me with the perfect opportunity to introduce…

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