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A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia invades Macs

Three weeks after its debut on Windows, A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia is now out on MacOS too. If you already own The Creative Assembly’s latest historical strategy game on Steam, hey, you’ve now got it for Mac too; thankfully we’re long past the days when Mac ports were sold separately. And sure, Macs can boot to Windows nowadays, but it’s still handier to have a native version. Slip into your chainmail turtleneck to start building your empire and reshaping the history of Poundland. Read the rest of this entry »

Spelunky: Now Mac Gamers Can Spelunk Too

Some computers are different from other computers. If you’ve got yourself one of those Apple-flavoured PCs, then here’s some excellent news for you. Word reached us courtesy of that it’s now possible to play Derek Yu’s fabulous procedurally generated cave adventure Spelunky on a Mac.

Grab it here, and you too can go on a terrifying treasure hunt in a cave, but you can now use a mouse with less buttons to do it. Watch out for the traps. And spiders. And snakes. Watch out for everything.

Valve’s Big Fat Hint: Steam For Macs?


Oh, Valve: they’re playing us like a harp this week, and frankly we don’t mind a jot when it’s this much fun. While everyone’s busy nattering about the Portal 2 (OR IS IT?) ARG, they slip a little something extra into the RPS inbox. That’ll be the charmingly retro-sociopathic words and pictures above, then. Which you’ll want to click on right away, in order to admire it in its full bigness. The instant response from all of us, aside from excited and grateful cooing noises, was “guh? But what does it mean?” We’re not very clever sometimes.

Then we worked out exactly what it means: Steam is, as has been recently rumoured (and supported by the recent move from hoary old IE to sprightly young, cross-platform webkit as a foundation for Steam), finally coming to the Apple Macintosh personal computer system. At least… so it implies. OR DOES IT?
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