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Hook: A Quietly Satisfying Mini Puzzler


Sometimes you need a puzzle game that’s Stephen’s Sausage Roll levels of difficulty – i.e. every completed grill is a hard fought mental victory you feel deserves some kind of acknowledgement in the local paper and maybe a parade. But sometimes you want a puzzle that gently nudges at your brain and only occasionally demands you step back and develop and actual strategy. Hook [official site] is the latter for me right now.

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Klocki Is A Pleasant Little Puzzle Game For A Quid

If you fancy something small, pleasant, and mildly challenging – yet cheap – this weekend, you might enjoy a look at Klocki [official site]. It’s a clean and calming £1 puzzle game about moving and swapping tiles on shapes to connect and complete the lines etched into their surface. That’s all. I’ve been enjoying it.

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Oooh! Twitchy Spinny Dodge ‘Em Up oO

Everything is going FINE.

As much as I’d like to spin around inside a washing machine, I know how that ends. But lovely, lovely video games can let us do impossible things, and games like Super Hexagon offer that dream of spinning around inside a round thing filled with jagged edges and crushing surfaces. oO has been out for a while but only twirled before my eyes today. It’s a one-button dodge ’em up about spinning around and jumping between conjoined circles filled increasingly with death.

It’s free and it’s fun and it’s difficult and it’s late in the day so let’s all lark about a bit playing it.

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