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Posts tagged “Mad Head Games”

Pagan Online commences looting in early access

After a couple rounds of closed testing, Pagan Online launches into early access today. It's an action RPG that aims to make its moment-to-moment combat a bit more involved by cribbing notes from the MOBA genre, with less screen-filling spam and more dangerous enemies. It's developed by Mad Head Games and Wargaming, and rather than join the free-to-play options in the genre, it's to be…

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Pagan Online’s MOBA-inspired action RPG combat in action

We've got our fist look at Pagan Online in action, Wargaming and Mad Head Games's MOBA-inspired action RPG. Far from the over-the-top heavy metal fantasy excess of its debut trailer, I feel that Pagan Online looks rather restrained compared to Diablo 3, and definitely less wild than Path Of Exile's massive monster-swarms. Mad Head Games also talk of players building up a stable of unique…

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Wargaming announce hack ‘n’ slash action RPG Pagan Online

With Diablo apparently taking a breather on PC, there's room for one more in the action RPG space - Pagan Online from Mad Head Games is stepping up to bat, paired with World Of Tanks publisher Wargaming. While they're stepping into a tried-and-tested genre here, Mad Head reckon Pagan Online does it a bit different, claiming that it "follows in the footsteps of classic dungeon…

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