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Ramping It Up: Mad Skills Motocross

Some motorbikes, yesterday.

Starting a day with the ex-editor of legendary videogames website/gaming-community Oskar Skog mailing us is always a fine thing. He writes, lamenting the lack of Trials HD for the PC – bastards! sez us – but thinking Mad Skills Motocross will act like a helpful methadone. While he thinks it not Trials match, he thinks it more of a combo of Excitebike, Excite Truck and Trials, including a level-editor. You can get the demo here. The full thing is just under 20 quid, which does seem a trifle pricey, but the level editor certainly is attractive. I haven’t played it – RUSHING AROUND! – but Skog has as fine an eye for an arcade game as anyone I’ve ever known. Footage follows…
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