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Feature: Abadagus

Have You Played… Dawn Of Man?

In strategy games that cover broad swathes of human history, it’s always a bit sad that the Stone Age is, at best, an early game sideshow – something to be breezed past in a couple of technological leaps on the way to better things. Not so with Dawn Of Man, which concentrates on the various something-lithic periods to the exclusion of everything else. In this…

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How did the hitherto unknown Dawn Of Man become a #1 bestseller on Steam?

If you go to read the Steam charts this week, you'll be sure of a big surprise: the best-selling game was little-known, stone age city-builder Dawn Of Man. It had no publisher, its two-person developer was known only for the somewhat under-the-radar colony sim Planetbase, and it hadn't enjoyed prior coverage from any of the largest sites or streamers. Hell, its official trailer has only…

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Feature: We built this city on wattle and daub

Dawn Of Man review

My lowest ebb in out-of-nowhere city-builder hit Dawn of Man was not when raiders slaughtered 18 of my people while they were calmly picking pears, or when three of my guys collapsed in the snow because I'd ordered them to spend the winter hauling a bus-sized rock across a mountain range (I wanted to build a henge, you see). No, it was the Great Goat…

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Dawn of Man moves out of caves and into stores

There's been a glut of good city-building games lately, but the prehistoric Dawn Of Man flew under my radar until it launched today. Developed by Madruga Works (formerly of space-coloniser Planetbase), it has players leading a tribe of early humans through the ages, hunting wooly mammoths in the Neolithic era and eventually evolving into an Iron Age society. It looks rather clever, and not overly…

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