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Better Accelerate Than Never?

Seeing this lying on the desk in the PC Gamer office was something of a surprise. They've only gone and brought back oddball games-and-girls US magazine PC Accelerator! Who'd have thunk it.Well, not back-back. One issue back, presumably to either test the waters for some manner of relaunch or to because there was a load of interesting ad stuff outside of PC Gamer, or some…

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Ad Nauseum

After spending the weekend leafing through my musty, dusty, collection of ZX Spectrum mags (woodlice prefer Your Sinclair) I've come to the depressing conclusion that the games industry has forgotten how to design great print ads.Open any recent PC periodical and - assuming you can find a games ad amongst the dull hardware hawking - you'll see what I'm on about. Stilted renders, soulless computer-aided…

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