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Tapitty Tapitty Tapitty – On Screen Computing

Copyright Mark Coleran - follow the links to his blog for goodness sakes.

I’ve been pondering looking into the role computers play in TV and movies, simply because it’s quite so hilariously silly. From Bones’ 3D hologram-o-machine (best I can find thanks to the joy of Fox) that can instantly conjure any murderous scenario the cast think of, to those peculiar PCs all film stars use that require only rapid keyboard inputs despite their clearly cursor-orientated design. I also find myself peculiarly interested in collecting together the names of all the Google alternatives films and television use. My favourite has to be the ludicrously clumsy “Finder-Spyder” that crops up all over the place, notably Heroes, Hung and Prison Break. Although Dexter’s “NetScope” is impressively wrong too. I mention all this after being pointed toward this fabulous site from the man who is responsible for so many of the more impressive interfaces you see in films, Mark Coleran.

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