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Hands On: Platformines

Last night I tipped back my head and cried to the world, “I want a Metroid-style game to play!” “Play the Platformines beta, then dummy,” came the reply. So I did. And still am. And it’s huge. Falling somewhere between Terraria and an Amiga combat-based platformer, Magiko Gaming‘s enormous open world of 2D jumping and shooting is already looking pretty damned fine. And you know what’s better than a double-jump?

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Bordercraft Diablo Story: Platformines Mixes All The Games

So, Platformines. It has many, many things going for it: loot and levels that are entirely randomly generated, art that’s inspired by retro chic but not reliant on it, a construction-based metagame, plenty of charm, and of course, a just-launched free beta. So I watched a trailer and thought to myself, “Gee, I can’t wait to rigorously put the beta through its paces side-by-side with this cup containing the blended remains of Borderlands, Diablo, Terraria, Minecraft, and Cave Story.” To be sure, it’s a promising place to start, but I’m not sure Platformines has entirely figured out where to take it.

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