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Strength & Honour 2: No Place Like Rome?

I'm listening to Nelly's Hot In Herre while posting this. I'm not sure I could get more divorced between the subject I'm writing about and my aural wallpaper.

Oh, I’m getting wise to that Magitech now. Strength & Honour 2 is a rome-period wargame which has a new – gasp! – 1.7 Gig demo available to download. I glance at the screenshot and think… isn’t that the same engine of all those Eastern-set games? Why, yes, that’s what it appears to be. Which I thought when looking at their Takeda 3, reminding me of Sango 2. It’s the icons at the bottom that nail it. Anyway – I’m digressing. Interesting points? Well, rather than being purely Western-Europe-centric, it models as far as China if you fancy going all Alexander The Great.

There Be Ninja Houses Here: Takeda 3

The bloody fog better not be back

This is bugging me. There’s a demo for the forthcoming Daimyo-Total-War-esque thing Takeda 3 out. I know I haven’t played one of the other Takeda games. I do know that I played something that looked so identical to it for a demo write up here and can’t remember it at… oh, wait a minute. It was Sango 2. And they do look identical. The biggest difference I can see without playing – as (er) I’m busy playing another Total War-esque game today. Yes, the very Total War-esque one with the muskets – is that Sango 2 had a 1.3 gig demo whilst Takeda 3 has a 800Mb one. Less content or improved Magitech compression tech? It’s hard to tell. Anyway – details on the game on Takeda 3’s site proper and you can download it from here. Hurrah for (er) demos.

It features Ninja Houses. They look like this. They have Ninjas inside, presumably, which must make them easier to find than legend would have it.

Sango 2 Demo Impressions

The fog Band are my least favourite of Bath's local bands. I think they've split up now. They were on every week at Moles. Man!

Magitech have released a 1.3 gigabyte (Or, in the new metric scale, approximately 1 “Who are you kidding? We used to get demos on Floppy discs. And where have all the green fields all gone?”) demo of Sango 2, a Shogun-esque Wargame set around the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It allows you have a crack at one of its campaigns (Liu Bei’s one, though in-game he doesn’t have the same awesome hat as his Wikipedia entry). It features strategy and not much explanation.

I did have a crack at it though.
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