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Feature: Exvent

The Complete Magnificent RPS Advent Calendar 2012!

And so it is complete, all 24 doors ripped open, the destination reached. What a time it's been, as we've divulged our 24 favourite games of 2012, and you've expressed why we're wrong. Please do continue to do so, as you spend a tired Christmas afternoon exploring our celebratory articles, while your relatives begin the traditional zebra jousting in the courtyards.Each number above uses some…

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Feature: A quest to find a Phillips screwdriver

Magnificent & Important Advent Calendar: Bonus Door

Our Senior Scottish Correspondent makes a welcome guest appearance to talk about an important PC game that wasn't in our just-concluded advent calendar, but perhaps should have been. This is also an ode to the mysteries and the magic of the device we choose to play our videogames on.

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Feature: Like The Batphone

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day 22

Twenty-two is a number that is important for all sorts of reasons, but perhaps the most important is that it is the neighbour of the eerie and secretive 23. Twenty-two is our only good way of keeping an eye on what twenty-three is up to, and it's often on the phone, reporting his activities. That weird bastard... I bet he has a gimp locked in…

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Feature: Clash And Burn

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day 20

Children of all ages, from Bronze to Instagram, anticipate Horacetide with a cloying sense of anxiety in their gut and a glimmer of fear in their eye. When will Ursa Infinita blot out all the stars and gleefully coil around our planet, bestowing the gifts of terror and trembling? No one can say, although some children believe that when the calendar ends, the world will…

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Feature: Worlds Apart

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day 18

The heavens align on the eighteenth day. So it was written, so it shall pass. And when the great conjunction occurs, then the enpurpling of the world shall be complete. And no-one shall say that dub-step is over-used in trailers. Because it will be the music of the heavens, and the angels shall open their mouths to utter "Wub Wub Wub". And we will shall…

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Feature: What Are You Packin'?

Magnificent & Important Advent Calendar: Day Seventeen

The Seventeenth Day Of The Calendar Of The Endless Bear is one that is still celebrated with maypole dances in some British backwaters. The village of Elastic-Upon-Tweed makes it their bloody pseudo-Christmas, where a foreigner is eaten alive by children trained from birth in the art of man-hunting. So very British. What better way to celebrate then, than with this wholly unrelated videogame?

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Feature: Happy Endings

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen of Advent is of course St. Angela's Day, the day on which we remember that despite our differences, we can all get along if we just ignore each other and internalise our hate into some sort of ulcer or embolism. So with this in mind, let's gently peel back the flap to see what's behind Horace's unwelcoming glare today.

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Feature: Underground Gaming

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

Try to imagine a world without Christmas... Right, it was the absence of an RPS advent that first hit you, wasn't it? Sorry to have put you through that, but it's important to remember the things you value. Fifteen days in I was worried you were taking it for granted. But what does Horace have in store for you today? What gaming treat of 2012…

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Feature: Whispers on the wind

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Fourteen

There are many theories about the true meaning of Christmas. The local department store reckons the season is all about attempting to overcome the economic tribulations of the year by selling you some underpants with a picture of a reindeer on them. More sensible folk believe that the year is simply breathing a sigh of relief and inviting them to relax for a moment before…

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Feature: Shhhhhhhhh

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Thirteen

Keep quiet. He's sliding down the chimney and coming for us! But how did he get to the roof in the first place? Maybe he climbed up the drainpipe or sprinted across the terraces opposite and leapt through the darkness like a silent curse. Maybe he's not in the chimney at all. Maybe you left a window open, but it's on the third floor so…

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Feature: Tank Engines Are Solitary Animals

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Twelve

You might not think it to look at them, but games are made entirely of maths. Not just your normal maths, either, but a special kind that has to be shipped in from California. Some of that was probably used to create the game behind the twelvefethef advent calendar window. But not much. Not much.

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Feature: To The Letter

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Eleven

Some games ask: "What's it like to be a plumber trapped in a world of perpetually-kidnapped princesses?" Others examine the belief systems that lie behind our ability to deal with putting three similar shaped units in a line. Others still ask: "Would you like to go for a walk?" That's day eleven's question in the advent calendar of waking dreams.

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Feature: Pieces Of Eight

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Eight

If games teach us anything, it's that there's always something around the corner. That's optimistic, right? Ah, you'd think so, but the philosophy of games is more complex. Sometimes what is around the corner is DEATH, and that's what the eighth window of the advent calendar teaches us. What could it be?

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Feature: A title that was rich before

Magnificent And Important Advent Calendar: Day Seven

On the seventh day of the month of Horace we are obliged to remember that some people are still at a lower level than we are, and haven't defeated all the bosses that we have. It's important to keep such things in mind as we cast our eyes upon the gilded shores that lie beyond the seventh window of the advent calendar. What could it…

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