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Carriers Arriving: Contact Vector

I bet you think you’re supercool, Elite and Star Citizen, with your one ship. Pretty special with your intricate UI and Oculus Rift enhancements, your detailed models and weapon customisation. Pah, I say to you, what I want is a fleet. Not to go mining out an existence trading ore for cattle with other space bumpkins, but to command the destinies of hundreds through a few mouse clicks. Contact Vector, an extraordinarily pretty SpaRTS after £85k on Kickstarter, is planning to offer just that. While there’s some obvious cues taken from the Homeworlds of years past, the focus is on tactical movement and well-timed strikes rather than base-building and resource harvesting. Quite where on the Ground Control to Dawn of War 2 scale it sits isn’t clear yet, but there is a demo, trailer and delicious thoughts to be had at the next warp marker.

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