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Conspiratorial Majestic Nights Out, Demo Available

I have fallen and cannot get up.

Alice gave the low-down on conspiracy-focused adventure-RPG Majestic Nights back in July. I liked the look of it for cramming every last UFO-spotting and government crop-dusting rumour into one storyline. Ambitious, yes, but an interesting concept I’d like to see the endgame of. What’s it like navigating a world where these things are obviously true? Now there’s a demo that also serves as a prequel, which you can read my thoughts on below, and a launch trailer for the first episode of the planned six.

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Conspiracies Galore: Episodic RPG Majestic Nights

In which our hero fails to charm the bouncer.

Conspiracy theories are fanfic for reality, aren’t they? That particular sort which knows how stories should really have gone. They pack history with exciting twists and turns, jazzing up origin stories with alien intervention, adding excitement and danger to even aeroplane vapour trails, splashing in sexy murders all over the place, and revealing that beloved characters are actually lizard people.

They are all, of course, entirely true. Majestic Nights knows this too. It’s a period RPG set during the ’80s, with two playable characters tangled up in the deepest, darkest conspiracies. Though I suspect it’ll ‘conveniently’ leave out the lizard people.

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