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Really Scrape The Sky: Majesty 2: Kingmaker

The sexiest thing about orcs are their tusks. I could just lick them all day. Sexy licky orc tooth.

I ended up not actually playing any more of Majesty 2 after its pre-release code, but Alec didn’t find its city-management totally revolting. Or at least it didn’t increase the amount of dark woe in his black heart more than was there before he started playing, leading him to descend into his special dank pit, to carve gargoyles of all those who raise his ire. Which translates to “Quite Good” or “7/10, probably” in most people’s scales. Anyway, its expansion is out now. Its top-level features are a new campaign, a randomise feature to add to a mission’s replayability and more mod support. Full details and purchase options on its site and the launch trailer can be found below. Any big Majesty 2 fans in the house? By which I mean, website comments thread.
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Regent’s Treat – Majesty 2: Kingmaker

Good news, everyone. Last year’s sequel to the beloved, olden, indirect-control strategy game Majesty is to receive an expansion pack. Well, of course it bloody is. It’s an RTS. An RTS without an expansion pack is unthinkable. Where else would we get our new maps and units from? How else will we find out what ultimately happens to some supporting character we didn’t really care about? What else would we possibly do with that £15-25? RTSes get expansion packs? IT IS WRITTEN. That said, I wasn’t at all sure Majesty 2 would – despite being heir to a landmark game, it was a little underwhelming. A little too similar to its parent, and a whole lot too samey. Question is, does the upcoming Kingmaker fix any of that?
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