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Have You Played… Major Stryker?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every weekday of the year, perhaps for all time.

Truth be told, I don’t know which of my muddled memories are of Major Stryker and which are the many other gloriously over-the-top shmups of the late DOS era. I just know that, for a time, I loved them more than anything: the action, the explosions, the really big guns you got if you collected enough orbs, the fact they weren’t particularly difficult (which made bullet hell games such as Ikaruga a nasty shock when I tried ’em years later), the way you could blow up things on the ground for no reason other than DESTRUCTION. They were everything games needed to be.
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A Brief History Of Shmups: GENETOS

Edit – well, damnit. This is what happens when I spend 70% of my time on trains. I leave the post here anyway, for the sake of the Major Stryker stuff.

This is cute. Also smart. Also tight. [TIGHT! – Quinns-in-exile] GENETOS is a free shmup which tells the history of shmups, evolving through various eras of shooty-spaceship action as you play. You start with Space Invaders, you end up with Ikaruga-esque psychedelic bullet hell and breathless reflex-based puzzles. En route to that is a cheery nod to early 90s fare – over-the-top, but with neat, semi-predictable waves of enemies. Which reminds me of Apogee’s Major Stryker.

Major Stryker.
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