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Party Politics: Epic Manager Hits Early Access

Epic Manager [official site], now in Early Access, is a game about managing a party of adventurers in a fantasy world. There are several games of this sort now, the Football Managers to the typical RPG FIFA, but Epic Manager takes an unusual approach. Rather than operating like the majestic Majesty, which simulated a kingdom and had you manage its heroes indirectly, this game jumps straight into the competitive leagues of a sports game. You’re not just hiring and managing adventurers, you’re trying to recruit and direct the best questers in the whole world.

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Dungeons, Dragons, Talent Scouts: Epic Manager

I’m a very fortunate person, in that I enjoy foot-to-ball and can therefore immerse myself in Football Manager every year. It’s an intricate simulation, tracking thousands of characters and their actions within a believable world. But that complex world of emergent narratives is only simulated when football is happening. How annoying it must be to read about that depth of simulation if you don’t enjoy a spot of ball-bothering, net-bulging sports management.

Epic Manager may be a solution of sorts. Currently on Kickstarter, it doesn’t look like it’ll be as complex as Football Manager, but it’s a management game, with scouts, rosters and a ‘living world’, and it’s about parties of adventurers doffing up goblins.

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