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67 Million Asians and North Americans can’t be wrong

Well, they can, but since it’s got an European release, it’s at least worth printing a screenshot to go “Aw! Bless!” at.

Awwwww! Bless!

Aw! Bless!

The game in question is Maple Story. It’s a side-on MMO with the aforementioned 67 million registered users across the aforementioned North America and the aforementioned Asia. And it’s free to play with its funding through micropurchases, which probably explains a lot about the aforementioned 67 million. Note that they don’t actually mention the aforementioned number of people who actually put down cold hard cash on a pair of magic spadangley trousers.

(At which point, that we’re an Brit-blog becomes immediately obvious.)

However, every screenshot I see reminds me of ancient Amiga-Classic Rodland, I’m definitely linking to it.