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Archived Architectures

In an idle couple of hours earlier today I found myself reading the peerless architecture and urban speculation blog, BldgBlog. It’s the kind of writing project that makes me sick with envy, and I can’t wait to see Manaugh turn his ideas into book form in 2008. Anyway, one of Manaugh’s recent posts was headed up by an image of the Chartres cathedral map from Quake 3. It’s a map that’s as old as the (virtual) hills, and not even that interesting a build, given what many others did with Quake 3 mapping. Nevertheless it sparked a recollection of the hours I used to spend downloading and playing around in Quake III maps, when I should have been editing the online section of PC Gamer.

Digging out my old Quake III installation (which I found buried in a spare hard disc filled with old games that I don’t want to part with just yet), I decided to have a root around in the virtual architectures of yesterday and see what I could unearth.
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