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Fugl: A flappy first play of the early access bird ’em up


I’ve been keeping an eye on Fugl [official site] for a while now – it’s a beautiful swoopy bird game/experience set in a voxel world. The emphasis is on relaxation and the feeling of flying, but there’s also exploration and a metamorphosis mechanic where you fly or land near things to take on their appearance.

It’s just moved to early access while the team continue working on the game so I’ve finally had a chance to try it out! There are some bits which are rough round the edges – I’d assume because early access – but I’ve still had a good old flap, so I figured I’d show you my swoopings in a video. I’ve also made sure to cut off before later biomes in case anyone feels that’s spoilery… Read the rest of this entry »

Fugl: 3 minutes of being a swoopy bird!


I’ve been entranced by Fugl [official site] every time I’ve seen the flying exploration game┬ápop into my inbox or my timeline. Hopefully I’ll get some time with it soon as it’s coming into early access on 14 September, then I can report back on whether it plays as well as it videos! In the meantime there is a three-minute video showing a slice of gameplay as well as just showing off the aesthetic – a beautiful cubescape with really nice lighting and colour palettes. Read the rest of this entry »