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The Sunday Papers

Yeah, we said it would be regular in the first and only column, but we only got organised enough to start collating talking points this week. Honestly, every week from now on, except the ones when we get distracted by Strawberry Switchblade videos again. For those who weren’t around in those heady days of late 2007, the idea is that since it’s a lazy laid-back Sunday, we do a list of things to lazily read and have a nice sedentary think about and try to avoid discussing the relative merits of motown pop hits. Er… and that’s it.

  • An interview with Noor, a pacifist WoW player who is trying to get through the game without killing anything. What’s interesting for me here is not just his methodology, but how incredibly annoyed some people are for him playing this way. Man!
  • A new Fallout 3 diary from designer Emil Pagliarulo, which is proving controversial among Fallout fans for its apparent revisionism on the Brotherhood of Steel. Emil’s on the list of people I’d like to interview, randomly – games journalist turned Thief designer turned… well, what he is now. You out there, Emil?
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