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Have U Got The New Look? ME2/DA Make-up

Instead of doing a podcast, John should give his own personal grooming videotips. Like making sure you get most of the food you eat out of your beard. It's a winner!

I came to Mass Effect 2 late, and after a couple of weeks of man-chat and man-shoot, finished it off last night. And so, I wandered off to Youtube to have a look for some of the choices I stepped away from and to relive my sexing of a mental lizard. At which point, I come across the make-up tutorials of UtopianDream (Who’s affiliated with the splendidly-named gamer-model agency Charisma +2 ). Her initial Miranda Mass Effect 2 one seems to have been linked quite widely back in February – which I missed – but her later ones for Morrigan Dragon age and (RPS IRRELEVANT!) Bayonetta (er) Bayonetta have been ignored. UNTIL NOW. Do you do requests, UtopianDream? If so, SHODAN. Go on. You know you want to. Her tutorials follow…
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“Aggressive Maneuvering”: ME2 DLC Details

The Mass Effect 2 commercial extension modules are nearly here. Firstly there’s some free DLC, in the form of the “Firewalker” pack which is out on the 23rd. This features five new vehicular missions, and a new vehicle: “The Hammerhead is a heavy assault vehicle that hovers over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometers per hour and features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering.” Then on April 6th there’s Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, which will cost, but has yet to be priced. Bioware say: “Players can get in touch with Kasumi on the Citadel, either in the middle of an ongoing Mass Effect 2 game or after the completion of the main story (lesson learned from Mass Effect 1 DLC!). Once recruited, Shepard aids Kasumi on a secretive mission of recovery, which requires a suave disguise and a run-in with an influential and predictably corrupt art collector.”

Hands up who’s going to collect the free DLC… And now hands up for paid DLC? Hmm.

Bonus Wibble: Mass Effect 2

John’s already thoroughly Wot-I-Thunked Bioware’s rather splendid star-biffing RPG, which remains very much the RPS DEFIN-O-TAKE on the game, but I have these words about it lying around from something that’s not ever going to be published. So I might as well quietly leave them on this table here and walk away whistling, really. It’s also an indulgent excuse to do something with a meagre few of the 412 screenshots I’ve accrued whilst playing ME2. Pretty graphics are pretty! If you read this piece thinking “this doesn’t sound very much like RPS”, that’s because it isn’t. Basically. WE HAVE MANY VOICES. Some of which don’t involve repeatedly referring to ourselves in the first or third person and making jokes about bears. It does at least contain the word ‘nookie’ and a William Shatner reference, however.
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Wot I Think: Mass Effect 2

First of all, to explain why this review is so late. We’d hoped for code well in advance, but sadly it wasn’t sent to us until the release day. I have since played the game to absolute completion. Thus it is only proper to tell you Wot I Think. (You can safely assume this review contains enormous Mass Effect 1 spoilers, but I will not spoil ME2.)

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Happy-Fun-Time: Win Mass Effect 2 DDE

I shudder at the thought of all the terrifying fanfic/art that's surely already been created about Miranda

Everyone’s playing it. I’m playing it. John Walker’s playing it, even though he hasn’t worked out how to heal. Your mum’s playing it; she’s romancing Garrus, and he’s making her feel more alive than she’s ever felt before. So – why aren’t you playing Mass Effect 2? If the answer is ‘I’m already busy playing Dragon Age: Return To Ostragar at bloody last, and it’s frankly unfair of you to expect me to give every waking moment of my life to Bioware games’ then very well. Otherwise, you should totally enter our competition to win one of 4 Direct2Drive copies of the shooty-spacey RPG. Apparently a lot of people quite like it.
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Mass Effect 2 Savegame Scandal/Salvation

I tried to post this yesterday, but the blog’s back end mysteriously ate all my words so I gave up in a huff. I believe it to be the machinations of Loki, the Norse trickster god, and villain of children’s picturebook Thor #606, written by Karen Gillan and on sale now in all good Early Learning Centres. Anyway – like half the world I’ve been making first inroads into Mass Effect 2 this week. As I played the first game on -hisssss! – 360 rather than PC, I was resigned to not being able to import my old character. But Bioware mentioned there’d be a KOTOR 2-esque mechanic in which a few conversational choices established what I’d done in ME1 and made ME2’s status quo broadly reflect it.

They changed their minds. At the point where I’m pretty sure this conversation would have happened (an interview to check the [this word is spoiler-censored] Shepherd’s got all their marbles), I was instead simply told what had happened. It wasn’t what had happened. ME1 spoilers below, so skip right to the end if you’ve not finished that yet.
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Mass Effect 2 Launch (Final?) Trailer

That's a big wasp.

A Mass Effect 2 trailer you say? But those are more rare than the freckled unicorn! I’d heard rumour they were even extinct. But no, it is real, it is yours to watch below.

Has any game received more trailers? Better question: has any game had so many good trailers? This latest, and perhaps even last, is absolutely stunning. 150 awesomes. The game comes out on the 26th in the States, and then because of the NO REASON WHATSOEVER reaches Europe by the 29th. Well, I suppose you can understand their decision to make sure their game is on all the torrent sites for three full days before making it legally available to buy for an entire continent. Oh no wait. [Please smash your head into bricks here.] But despite this continued idiocy, the video below is a corker.

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The Year Ahead, Part One

Below is the first part of our intricate guide for PC gaming in 2010. There’s a horde of muscular-looking titles on the horizon, many of them likely to stop you and demand your money, like ludological bandits. Meanwhile, others that we expected to land, such The Old Republic, have already fled to 2011. Read on as the clouds in our crystal ball roll back…
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Mass Effect 2: Christina Norman Interview

He can be a girl too. It's a special power.

You may have noticed one or two trailers for Mass Effect 2 recently. One or two a day. And it’s arriving very soon – the 29th of this month in fact. So we grabbed the opportunity to speak to lead gameplay designer Christina Norman to ask a few questions that have sprung up in the last couple of months. Below we find out a bit more detail about why certain combat decisions were made, why players might choose to die on purpose, whether Jennifer Hale will return as the female Shepard, and the possibility of lizards in bikinis.

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Subject Zero: Compare & Contrast

OK, we’ve posted rather a lot of Mass Effect 2’s approximately 3178 different trailers to date and thus should restrain ourselves from hereon in, but I can’t help but mention this one. Last year was fascinating/horrifying in terms of Bioware marketing – with Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 both they alternated wildly between trying to appeal to the more traditional RPG fan and then to some sort of marketing-envisaged additional crowd, some mass of potential players who just needed a bit more unconvincingly-animated sexual intercourse and past-its-outrage-by-date goth metal and then they’d surely pour untold millions of Eurodollars into these games. Supremely easy to scoff at, but also supremely rational. Money makes the world go round, and we’d be fools to believe Bioware thought any differently. And yet the most recent clutch of Mass Effect trailers suggest a return to traditionalism- and the most recent even seems to be making amends.
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Mass Effect 2 Can’t Stop Releasing Trailers

Have I mentioned before that BioWare never release screenshots for their videos until about three weeks later? HAVE I? THIS ONE'S SIX MONTHS OLD! ARGH!

It’s as if the holidays never happened. I’m back here posting sixty seven Mass Effect 2 trailers and wondering if I really should be invoicing EA for the advertising. But how can I help it when each trailer (since that one) makes the game look so tantalising? It’s going to take a gear shift in my brain to remember that I’m okay with all the TPS action after spending the holidays in the warm, loving arms of Dragon Age, but if BioWare meet half their promises for this game it could be a real treat. So there’s three more of the videos that have appeared since the Space Year 2010 began below, showing off Grunt and Thane some more (still no reveal on the Geth, Legion, being a party member, though it will happen), and a long cinematic trailer with them both at work.

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Mass Effect 2: Infiltrator Class Revealed

As is traditional, not a picture of the Infiltrator class. Someone at EA needs to coordinate this a bit better.

Another week, another Mass Effect 2 class revealed. This time it’s the Infiltrator, and most specifically, his cloaking. Unlike previous class reveals, there’s not a lot more detail about this than this. Although I guess being able to turn invisible is maybe enough. You can’t heal when you’re invisible, as we all know, and the same is true in the game.

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Mass Effect 2: Sentinel & Voice Cast

Please be upstanding for the president of the United States of America.

The Mass Effect 2 videos keep on coming. They can’t be stopped. It’s an AVALANCHE! A brand new one arrives to tell us about the new Sentinel class, and then there’s the video showing off all the actors they’ve rounded up for providing voices this time out. It’s an astonishing cast. You’re compelled to watch.

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Mass Effect 2 Details Engineer Class

It all comes down to blue explosions in the end, doesn't it?

They keep making new Mass Effect 2 trailers, and I keep posting them. I’d be less of a schmuck about it, maybe bank them up and post a few at once, if I hadn’t just restarted the original game this morning. Earth-born Vanguard Engineer since you ask. And as if the Sky Fairies were watching, so it is that BioWare releases details on the new abilities of the Engineer for the sequel. (Yes, yes, I’m only specialising, not actually an Engineer this time – look, you’ll make the Sky Fairies angry.) And crikey, they’ve got some nice abilities. The freeze looks a lot of fun, as does having a personal upgradeable robo-orb buddy.

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Blue Woman Group: ME2 Reveals Samara

Once again I rebelliously don't illustrate the story with a pic of the character. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME PLAY BY YOUR RULES.

Oh, tish and fipsy, my prediction for an unannounced new companion for Mass Effect 2 isn’t today’s. I’m telling you, one of the companions – and now I reckon it will be the last one revealed – is going to be a Geth called Legion. I base this purely on my own vivid imagination, rather than scurrilous industry rumouring. Oh, and all the images from the game’s official gallery – a game in which the Geth are supposed to only play a minor role. But today we get to meet super-biotic Asari, Samara. Which is frankly going to get confusing, as my Shepard is called Samantha.

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Mass Effect 2’s Adept Class Detailed

I bet both my bums this is the next companion announced.

I am so tremendously looking forward to Mass Effect 2. I wasn’t for a while – I think I lost track of it all. I adored the first game when I played it, but as time’s cruel countdown ticked away I found myself incorporating into my memory too much of how other people would describe it, and forgetting the details. “Oh, those elevators!” “The combat wasn’t as good as it could have been.” “The side quests were rubbish.” Well, all of that is true, but goshdarnit, it didn’t matter. It was a fabulous thing, and delving into all the details about for the sequel has reminded me why I enjoyed the original so very much. Which combined with what an absolute world-exploding classic Dragon Age proved to be, has me anticipating BioWare’s sequel with fervour. It’d better be good, or there will be trouble. New videos are below.

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Starry Night: Mass Effect 2 Vid Wave

Perhaps you’re one of those people who isn’t playing Borderlands, or Dragon Age, or frothing at the mouse in anticipation of Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps you want to see something of a popular sequel to a reasonably entertaining science fiction role-playing game. If you are such a person, then you are in luck. Three such videos have turned up, and can be inspected below. They’re swollen with game footage, and developer jabber. I have to admit I entirely ran out of Steam on the original Mass Effect and never got to the end, but perhaps the improvements here, fun-looking characters, and general turn for grimness, will prove entertaining. Having hammered through a chunk of Risen and a portion of Dragon Age, I’m certainly in the mood for some RPG that doesn’t involve potions, wolves, or daggers. (And assuming that Mass Effect 2 is suffering from the same marketing-failure as Dragon Age, I have some high hopes for it.)
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