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Incursions And Operations: The Division 1.1 Has Arrived

I'm here to tell you about important endgame content

The Division’s [official site] 1.1 update has arrived, bringing the first Incursion mission. Going by the name Falcon Lost, it’s an end-game challenge and Massive recommend you take three pals along if you’re going to tackle it. You can try it solo or with one or two companions, but you’re likely to struggle as it’s built for four and doesn’t scale to group size. Along with the Incursion, there’s another attempt to breathe life into the Dark Zone, with randomised non-contaminated valuable loot drops once an hour. Massive have also added loot-sharing between groups and made loads of minor changes.

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The Division’s Locations Mapped Onto Actual NYC

Cities Skylines: The Division

If you’ve been wondering how much of New York City The Division [official site] actually contains and how accurate the recreation of those areas is, wonder no longer. An enterprising player who goes by the name Feanauro on Reddit has superimposed all of the game’s major locations – including missions, safehouses and Dark Zone points of interest – onto the Google Map of the real life area. There are several fun games to play with this tool. You could jump into streetview and compare in-game streets and buildings to reality, you could try to work out which bits of the city might open up in future updates/dlc, or you could figure out if you’ve ever been to these places in real life.

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The Dark Zone Is Changing: The Division Updates Today

The Division [official site] is an organisation comprised of highly trained operatives embedded among the civilian population, ready to be activated in times of crisis. They’re also loot-hungry scavengers, willing to exploit any means necessary to get hold of the sweetest guns in the land. The Man won’t let them shirk their responsibilities, however, and in this case The Man is Ubisoft. Today’s patch should put an end to the endless loot cycle discovered by high-level players and that’s not the only change. The Dark Zone is being revamped and there are numerous tweaks to skills and drop rates.

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A Tactical ARPG: Hands-On With The Division

The Division [official site] is, initially, a confusing game. All of the individual pieces make a certain kind of sense, but the combination doesn’t quite hang together. It’s like ordering tempura and getting a thick, creamy, eggy mayonnaise on the side in place of a good Tentsuyu dipping sauce. Both parts of the dish are enticing on their own but the combination is an acquired taste at best. I spent three hours playing the game this week and I’m still not sure if this is a taste I’ll ever be fully on board with – it’s an unusual game though and far more interesting than it’s gruff near-future shootybangs had led me to expect.

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