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Protect a tree against insect invaders in Bonsai Defense

Monday morning’s coffee break brought me Bonsai Defense [ page]. It’s a little tower defence game where you tend a bonsai tree. It’s not a meditative experience in any way. This is more of a game version of my ongoing conflict with the slugs and snails which snack on my irises. In case you think the name sounds familiar, we wrote about Bonsai Defense back in 2012 when it was a free graduation project but it has been through a rework and is now re-released as a paid affair. Read the rest of this entry »

In Which You Play As A Tree: Bonsai Defense

No, that's a tree! Honest!

Trees are pretty much the greatest. They house wonderful woodland creatures, look very pretty gracefully swaying the breeze, and produce oxygen so we can watch them sway in the breeze without dying. Bonsai Defense, then, lets tree huggers like myself take the next logical step: becoming a tree. Life as a giant leafy tribute to nature’s might, however, isn’t as glamorous as you might assume. For instance, did you know that trees are constantly besieged by infectious neon bug creatures that travel via some form of trans-dimensional portal? Me neither, but thanks to Bonsai Defense, I’m now truly enlightened. A few thoughts on this freebie after the break.

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