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The Flash Adventures Of Mateusz Skutnik

Would be the best name for a game ever. It is, however, a description of what I spent half of yesterday playing.

She has the sexiest accent ever.

Skutnik is a former architect, turned Flash animator, who spends his spare time either painting watercolour graphic novels, or designing episodic Flash adventures. It’s the latter that’s caused him to garner a lot of the internet’s attention – attention I somehow hadn’t paid beyond playing his intriguing DayMare Town a few months back.

I began with his most recent story, Covert Front – a tale about being a behind-the-scenes agent during the Second World War, investigating a deep mystery about some manner of experiments being carried out by the Nazis. Fantastically atmospheric, the scratchy, hand-drawn Flash design betrays his architectural skill, creating an excellent cartoon space in which to unravel the peculiar narrative. It’s very much based on what I soon realised was Skutnik’s trademark style – machine-based puzzles, and foraging point-n-click exploration. The two episodes appear to be only the beginning of a larger story, with part 2 – Station On The Horizon – coming out only last week.

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