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Feature: Two Years Of Planetside 2

Two Year Talk: Interviewing Planetside 2’s Creative Director

Planetside 2 is two years old today and still going strong. It's a Planniversary, if you will. Ahem. I've written a bunch about my time with the game, including this. Yes, I like it a lot. One person who has been at the forefront of that long campaign of making me like something for two whole years, and who was also implicated in the complex…

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Smedley’s Meddling: Planetside 2 Changes Incoming

I keep forgetting that Planetside 2 is in closed beta. It's so big and busy that my brain tricks me into believing it's been launched. But there's still a lot to do, and SOE have shared the more immediate fixes with the players. SOE President John "Smed" Smedley took to the forums to outlay a bunch of upcoming changes, including some dramatic changes to the…

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Feature: Never Forget That Night In Oshur

Dancing To Different Beats: Planetside 2

We recently caught up with Matt Higby, Creative Director of Planetside 2. Read on for what he had to say about various aspects of the game world, the factions, and the game mechanics, including vehicle customisation, and Higby's penchant for griefing. And no, we didn't get that payment system stuff cleared up.

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Planetside 2: Eve-Style Skills, No Instancing

Speaking to SOE Creative Director Matt Higby, we have learned that Planetside 2 will be PC-only, and that it will be a straight remake of the original game with modern technology. There will be no instancing, and Higby says: “we’re only limited by how many can physically fit into a small area.” The territory capture is now far more detailed, featuring more than just towers…

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