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From The Haunted Hymnal: Ghost Song

I could describe Ghost Song as a Soulsian roguelike Metroidvania but only if I wanted to eliminate the people reading this post with a trio of surgically precise strikes. Instead, I’ll describe the game as an exploration-based 2d platformer set on a mysterious planet filled with weird horrors. We scrutinised a great wodge of footage back in April and for eight minutes or so it seemed like typical fayre, attractively presented. The twist in the tale was positively porcine, however, and the final minute of the video showed a fight with a deranged robot butler. It was preposterous and unnerving, like a boisterous opera singer in a wind tunnel. The new video below is in the same style – jumping, shooting, rolling, double jumping, and then, around the 6.30 mark, beautifully sinister synths and…eek.

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Ghost Song: A Journey Of Hope Is A Darksoulsvania

I bet it is very safe to breathe here, yes

I’ve played a worrisome number of side-scrolling Metroidvanias in my time, but I still have a soft spot for especially attractive and/or purple ones. Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope, thankfully, qualifies as both. It’s also apparently inspired by Dark Souls, as is everything these days be it a tough-as-nails videogame or a painting of some ducklings nuzzling their mother as a perfect sun sets in the background. There’s ten minutes of footage below, and I find myself especially intrigued by the little bits of voice-acted character and story on show. Give it a watch.

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