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87 Bazillion Mechs: M.A.V. Is A Gearhead’s Dream

No, no, I bet it's going to be fine. That? That's probably just fairy dust or something.

Do you enjoy meticulously tweaking the most microscopically tiny details of giant robots? If I cut you, will you bleed gears and heat sinks and perfectly balanced 47-ton rocket pods? Then perhaps M.A.V. – a customization-centric game of mechanized madness from one-man show Bombdog Studios – will strike your fancy. Its creator notes that he’s worked on both Borderlands games and cites Armored Core and the tragically¬†under-appreciated¬†Chromehounds as longtime favorites. Unsurprisingly, the current (read: pre-alpha) result wears its influences on its semi-cel-shaded sleeve. You can check out a demo of Bombdog’s progress so far right here, but obviously, there’s still a long way to go.

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